{RECEIPT}ROLLER, a digital receipt service, has been selected for Microsoft's Startup Support Program – Microsoft for Startups.


With Microsoft's technology and support from their experts, {RECEIPT}ROLLER aims to promote digital receipt services and reduce the use of paper receipts.

{RECEIPT}ROLLER (Head office: 1300-28, Kosaka Iizuna Nagano; CEO: Sho Shimoda), who aims to reduce paper receipts by providing a digital receipt service, has been selected by Microsoft Corporation (Head office: Washington, USA; Microsoft), to their startup support program Microsoft for Startups.

{RECEIPT}ROLLER is based on Microsoft Azure and uses multiple database and storage solutions to process and store large amounts of digital receipt data. The service is ready to be used globally, with a server configuration to deploy in 42 regions worldwide. A set of APIs will be available through the Azure API Management Service to issue digital receipts widely available to businesses and consumers.

Microsoft's technology will also provide security against unauthorized access and tampering with digital receipts making digital receipts a valid proof of purchases.

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups is a global startup support program offered by Microsoft Corporation in more than 140 countries. The program aims to accelerate the growth of startups with innovative technologies and solutions. In addition, to support Azure and other technologies, startups selected for the program are provided with dedicated resources suitable for business expansion through the company's partner network. (Microsoft for Startup's overview: )

Comments from CEO of {RECEIPT}ROLLER, Sho Shimoda

As much as 54,000 tons of receipt paper is consumed in Japan annually. Even today, with the legal basis for using electronic receipts in place and the smartphone penetration rate at over 80%, paper receipts are still very much in use. We have launched {RECEIPT}ROLLER in order to change this existing ecosystem. Microsoft's technology will enable our contribution to solving social problems, to conserve resources for people today and generations to come. We are very grateful to receive Microsoft's support for this project, aiming to create a sustainable society.


RECEIPTROLLER Inc. provides a service for issuing digital receipts from an integrated POS (cash register). Consumers receive digital receipts from designated channels (line, email, SMS, etc.) free of charge. Sellers can issue digital receipts instead of paper receipts by linking their POS or through API with {RECEIPT}ROLLER. Business users can connect {RECEIPT}ROLLER account and accounting software to automatically manage expense reimbursement for business purchases. When auction sites or flea markets require proof of purchase, users can show the digital receipt to certify the original purchase. (This can prove the item is genuine and not stolen or counterfeit.) Users can also prevent credit card fraud by getting electronic statements at the moment of use. {RECEIPT}ROLLER's mission is to reduce the number of paper receipts in use today.

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Published on: 2022-09-27