Digital receipt platform service {RECEIPT}ROLLER launches an application on the cloud POS cash register, "Smaregi."


RECEIPTROLLER Inc. (Head office: Iizuna-machi, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture JAPAN; CEO: Shohei Shimoda), which aims to reduce the number of paper receipts by providing a digital receipt service, has partnered with Smaregi Inc. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Hiroshi Yamamoto) to provide a system that allows stores that have installed the cloud POS cash register Smaregi to send digital receipts to their customers. With the app's release on the Smaregi App Market, stores can send digital receipts to customers who have purchased products through LINE, SMS, and e-mail.

Smaregi is a cloud-based POS cash register system with more than 120,000 registered stores, including businesses operating from one store to more than 600 stores. The Smaregi App Market allows users to freely purchase external applications (functions) to suit their business needs. One of the appeals of Smaregi is the ability to combine inventory management, customer management, data analysis, and other store management functions.

With the release of the ROLLER application from the Smaregi App Market, any of the more than 120,000 businesses that currently have Smaregi installed and are using Smaregi for customer management will be able to issue electronic receipts via ROLLER.

Stores wishing to use this service can use it after installing the Smaregi app from the URL below.

Main functions of stores (digital receipt issuer)

  • Monthly receipt list (check the receipts issued by each store and each terminal monthly)
  • Details of receipts issued (check whether they have received receipts via e-mail, SMS, or LINE)
  • Switching issuance mode (switch between issuing electronic receipts to registered users only or unregistered users as well)

Main functions of consumers (digital receipt receiver)

  • See monthly digital receipts and scanned receipts
  • See details of electronic receipts
  • Enter notes on electronic receipts
  • Assign expense and household account items to electronic receipts.

Please click the link below for the consumer app, LINE Mini App ROLLER.

Usage Fees

Stores can choose between the Free Plan (free of charge), the Standard Plan for the use of 1,000 or more receipts per month (980 yen per 10,000 receipts after that), and the Enterprise Plan for the use of 100,000 or more receipts per month (8,800 yen per 100,000 receipts after that) for the use of 100,000 or more receipts per month. The Standard and Enterprise plans are free of charge for the first 30 days.

Receipt Roller Co.

RECEIPTROLLER Inc. is in the business of "reducing paper receipts." To achieve this, we developed a mechanism to issue digital receipts from an integrated POS (cash register). Consumers can receive digital receipts free of charge through designated channels (LINE, e-mail, SMS, etc.), and sellers can issue electronic receipts in place of paper receipts by integrating their POS and receipt roller. Purchasers can also link the issued electronic receipts to their accounting system to automate and streamline their expense reimbursement. RECEIPTROLLER Inc. aims to create a stress-free environment for both users and sellers by providing the functions required as proof of purchase and payment and streamlining the settlement process.

Published on: 2023-01-24