A digital receipt provider {RECEIPT}ROLLER launches OCR API service specialized for receipts.


(Head office: Iizuna-machi, Kami-mizuuchi-gun, Nagano, Japan; CEO: Sho Shimoda), a digital receipt service provider aiming to reduce the number of paper receipts, has started providing an OCR (Optical Character Reader) We are pleased to announce that we have started providing an API service specialized for receipts and receipts. The service is provided as an API so that it can be incorporated into various systems in preparation for the upcoming invoice system.

The new API will read all characters on the image and provide annotation data for receipts and receipts by simply specifying the URL of the receipt image. The OCR has been tested for Japanese with high accuracy.

Data Retrievable via API

  1. OCR data
    • Document information, size, tilt accuracy, etc.
    • Character position array information
      • Character type information, printed or handwritten
      • Recognition accuracy, probability of being recognized
      • Language information, the language of the detected words
  2. Receipt/receipt data
    • Type of document, receipt or receipt
    • Store name
    • Date, Time
    • Address
      • Prefecture, City
    • phone number
    • web address
    • Products purchased
      • Product name
      • Quantity
      • Price
    • Total amount, subtotal, tax, etc.
    • Payment Methods
    • Receipt number

See below for API details.


It will be provided as part of the regular digital receipt API. For 1 request, it will be the same as the price of 1 digital receipt.

Free plan
1,000 free tickets every 30 days
Standard Plan
¥980 per 10,000 tickets
Enterprise Plan
¥8,800 per 100,000 tickets


RECEIPTROLLER Inc. is promoting business with the mission of "reducing paper receipts". For that reason, we are developing and providing a mechanism for issuing digital receipts from the linked POS (cash register). Consumers can receive digital receipts free of charge from designated channels (LINE, email, SMS, etc.), and sellers can replace paper receipts by linking their POS and receipt rollers. You will be able to issue electronic receipts. In addition, by linking the issued electronic receipt with the accounting system, the purchaser can realize automation and efficiency of expense reimbursement.

{RECEIPT}ROLLER not only provides the functions required for proof of purchase and proof of payment, but also improves the efficiency of checkout operations, creating an environment that promotes the introduction of digital receipts without stress from the standpoint of both users and sellers.

Company Profile

Company name RECEIPTROLLER Inc.
Head office address 1535 Kawakami, Iizuna-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano
Representative Director Sho Shimoda
Business Electronic proof of purchase and history
Operation of electronic receipt platform and receipt roller
Founded August 2022
Published on: 2023-03-01