a digital receipt
The digital receipt is
cheaper and more sustainable
than a paper receipt
You can save tons of paper waste by issuing receipts digitally.
The digital receipt is cheaper than issuing a paper receipt
Easy to start and use
Receipt can be the way to connect with your customers

How to issue a digital receipt

You can issue receipts via API or an integrated app You need to register to use our API. If you already have an account please log in from here, if you do not have an account yet, please register from here.
POS app

Digital receipt customization

You can customize your receipt and connect with your customers.

Customizable items

Receipts can be customized by store with filters such as number of purchases, amount, specific products, etc.
Filter by price If any of [total, subtotal, highest commodity value, lowest commodity value] is {greater or less} than (X)
Filter by number of items purchased If the number of items purchased for [product ID (total if not specified)] is {greater or less} than (X)
Filters when goods are included If [Product ID(s) (can be specified - some or all included)] is included
Filter by time If the receipt issue time is between (X) and (Y)
Multiple filters can be specified. If no filters match your criteria, the default theme will be displayed.


There is no difference in functionality between plans. Please select a plan according to the amount you plan to use each month.


0 to 1,000 per month
Up to 1,000 digital receipts can be issued free of charge per month.


1,000 to 100,000 per month
Every 10,000 receipts
For monthly amounts between 1,001 and 100,000, digital receipts can be issued for 980 yen for every 10,000 receipts.


100,000 pieces per month ~.
Every 100,000 receipts
For 100,001 or more per month, electronic receipts can be issued for ¥8,800 for every 100,000 receipts.